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Goldengate College, Battisputli, Kathmandu

Message from CEO

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

Welcome to GoldenGate family.

This family has become a strong unit due to the unflinching support of all those who are directly or indirectly involved in enhancing the prestige of this college. I am proud to say that this college has become one of the premier educational institution in this country beacuse of its commitment towards educational excellence.

In this college, education does not mean mere preparation for examinations leading to a certificate or a degree. A great deal of emphasis is given to holistic development of students through workshop, seminars, excursions and various activities. Our aim is to prepare students for life so that they become responsible citizens of the nation.

Thanks to all parents/ guardians who have entrusted us with the responsibility of imparting education to their children. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the members of the faculty and the staff for giving their best to the GoldenGate family. I welcome you to our family.

Ramesh Kr. Silwal

Message from Principal

Dear Parents/Guardians and students,

Started in 2007 in the heart of city of Kathmandu, with the vision to set up a world class educational institution and become a global leader in professional career, the GoldenGate International College has evolved into one of the most outstanding institutions of Nepal.

This phenomenal growth owes itself to the tireless efforts of the management, faculties, staff, students, guardians and all well-wishers with missionary zeal. Quality education is our commitment. We nurture dignity and discipline among and between student and guardian communities.

We have been putting on all our efforts to maintain and better the purely academic culture and environment where the aspiring young scholars can ratify themselves. We believe that we don’t just teach but rather facilitate the students to bring out the underlying potential in them.

The college will not rest on these laurels of the past but will continue to strive for significant performance and achievements with the help of supportive management, dedicated, faculty and staff.

I take this opportunity to welcome all to the GoldenGate family.

Prof. Bhadra Pokharel, PhD

H. Principal


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Physics, Chemistry, Maths


Food Technology

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Prime Location

GoldenGate Int'l College is located at the heart of Kathmandu Metropolis, Battisputali, Old Baneshwor. It is easily accessible, with transport facilities linking it to the centre of Kathmandu and the outskirts of the city. The calm, serene and peaceful environment provides another important feature of a prime location for any educational Institute. The college is housed in a ten storied building (eight floors completed) fitted with elevators, constructed in a total built-up area of ten ropanies, with wide open spaces, both in front of the building and adjacent to it, in which the Canteen, Recreation and Sports utility complex is housed.

Teaching Methodology

The teaching methodology being adopted by the College incorporates a blend of lectures, class discussions and practical classes. Project works, audio-visual presentations, demonstrations and special talk-programs will be highlighted on the priority list for the overall development of a student. Main Focus will be given on:

Innovative approach

Participatory and collaborative approach

Competitive approach


We focus on small lecture sizes to consolidate individual learning needs and to meet specific help required by the students. The College is equipped with state-of-the-art technology with each classrooms well aerated and comfortable. The Laboratories are ideally equipped with all necessary instruments and materials required to further strengthen theoretical concepts through practical understanding and application. This facilitates better understanding on the part of the students.

Library Resources

The Library forms an important aspect of the learning process a student goes through because it is here that a student develops his/her own creativity on an individual level. Our library is well stocked with all necessary subject text books, both for reference as well as for issue in addition to scores of academic as well as professional journals/periodicals, which along with the internet forms a valuable research and learning tool.

Computer/IT Facilities

Our students will have access to the IT/ Computer laboratory for high speed, free Internet access as a valuable research and learning tool while on college premises. The computer laboratory includes the latest PCs, on a one to one basis.

Transportation Facilities

The College has a well-managed fleet of buses for the pick-up and dropping off of students to and from various hubs of the City. This facility is provided to the students at subsidized rates for hassle-free movement to and fro the College.


The College runs a cafeteria which provides a variety of hygienically prepared and mouth-watering taste at prices especially designed to meet the requirements of a student


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