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Global College of Management

Kathmandu, Nepal

M.B.S., B.B.S., 10+2

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Master in Business Studies (MBS) at GCM is a unique blend of courses, specified by Tribhuvan University, and capsule courses comprising internship, managerial communication and research work guided by researchers of considerable renown both at home and outside. The theoretical aspect of the curriculum of MBS is sound and internationally recognized. The practical exposure is equally important in order to cope with the competitive global business environment. The college conducts project works, term paper writing, presentation, seminars and internship for eight weeks for the practical exposure. Students explore new ways of looking at the problems and seek solutions to such problems through intense debate and close interaction among themselves under the watchful guidance of the faculty members. We are confident that MBS students will be immensely benefited by the rich experience and knowledge of distinguished personalities associated with GCM.


Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) at GCM stands as a special academic program due to a number of noteworthy etiquettes such as best academic faculties, corporate networking for practical training, a very conducive academic environment for focused studies and caring guidance. These are some of the salient features that surely pave the way towards academic excellence. BBS is multi-disciplinary, broadly based and result-oriented program at GCM. The curriculum, designed by TU, provides strong theoretical understanding while developing usable skills within a broad spectrum of business problems. While the program consists of a number of compulsory courses, students have the option to specialize in specific areas of study. The teaching activities comprise lectures, group work and projects, all of which encourage the exchange of ideas and mutual learning.

10 + 2

With pleasant physical and educational facilities +2 program furnishes the students with wide range of options which make it stand highly resourceful in the market. Since majority of the faculties are the core stakeholders of Pro-Ed Ltd., spontaneous and considerate dedication from them is inevitable to achieve the mission and goals which ultimately benefits the students.


Located in Mid Baneshor, Kathmandu.


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